Ultra Rural Connectivity

The Importance Of Rural Connectivity

Rural connectivity serves as an enabler, providing vital resources and opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive. The connectivity we roll out provides critical access to healthcare, financial services, e-commerce and education – improving quality of life and economic prospects.

Rural Connectivity Challenges

One of the main barriers across rural areas, especially in Africa, is the lack of infrastructure and terrestrial networks. The traditional methods of connectivity, such as telecommunications towers, take large amounts of time to build, and require a level of infrastructure that rural areas are unable to support.

Another issue facing rural communities is the high cost associated with connectivity. For example, transmission costs for traditional terrestrial systems can vary based on the distance from a tower, so connecting individuals living in rural and ultra-rural areas can be expensive.

What We Offer

Avanti managed satellite service for rural connectivity

Designed specifically for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Avanti ultra rural connectivity solution provides high-performance and cost-effective 2G, 3G and 4G solutions to remote and hard-to-reach areas that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively challenging to reach using traditional terrestrial infrastructure.

With more than 70% of our coverage over Africa and 75% of our total investment in the region, we are set to deliver life-enhancing connectivity to millions in rural Africa.


Round the Clock Support

We offer real time and proactive network monitoring is provided by our highly skilled technical experts at fully kitted NOC proving 24*7*365 support.

Ability to focus on your core business

We manage the solution end-to-end so you don’t have to invest in technology or upskilling your resources – leaving you to reap the benefits of our solution.

Optimal network performance

Avanti provides easy access to metrics from provisioning to network performance data, in conjunction with bespoke advice from our technical teams on how to ensure optimal network performance.

Less complex and more efficient

Avanti EXTEND’s built-in and fully operational CAPEX solution integrates seamlessly into MNOs terrestrial networks to reduce network complexity and increase efficiency.

Expand networks

Avanti EXTEND enables customers to deliver rapid network expansion into rural and remote locations beyond their terrestrial reach using high-speed and reliable 2G/3G & 4G connectivity.

The Impact

Saves time and money

As they no longer need to travel to neighbouring towns to get access to make calls or use the internet.

Boosts the local economy

With the creation of small businesses such as resellers of sim cards, phone charging & repairs. Many of these businesses are headed up by women.

Socio-economic development

A stimulation of demand for broadband services at the community level is bringing broader socio-economic developments.

Brings a sense of security

Reliable mobile coverage means they can be connected to family.

Creation of skilled jobs

The programme has enabled the creation of over 200 new skilled jobs of field engineers and has led to further investment in satellite gateways and service delivery in the country.

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