Satellite Network Connectivity

Access to industry-grade wholesale capacity

Avanti recognises that some operators require only the raw components of bandwidth, power and coverage in order to integrate into their own service platforms.

Leveraging Avanti satellite capacity can enhance your current network to meet increasing customer demands and extend your network reach cost-effectively and with minimal operational complexity.

We provide wholesale capacity across our fixed and steerable beam coverage that include gateway and loop-back connectivity. Both wholesale MHz and Mb/s leases are available on flexible lease terms. Alongside our raw bandwidth offer, we can also provide gateway hosting services, permitting integrators to choose and manage their preferred platform technologies.

Ground Earth Stations silhouette with sunset sky in backdrop

We offer secure, resilient and immediate satellite capacity

Extensive Coverage

We cover 82% of the world’s top 10 fastest growing economies. Check out our extensive coverage across EMEA.

Superior Technology

With fixed and flexible beam satellite technology and a superior ground network, we guarantee highly reliable and secure connectivity.

Steerable Capacity

Get access to immediate Ka-band capacity wherever you may need it across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Discover about Avanti steerable capacity.

High-Throughput Capacity

Ka-band spot beam satellites have up to 10 times more capacity than other traditional satellites and deliver higher data rates.

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