Banking on Avanti’s Satellite Solutions

As the financial sector becomes increasingly digitised, the requirement for reliable connectivity to guarantee operations for individuals, businesses, and governments is paramount.

Outages are inevitable in the financial services space. The ability to keep a bank branch, an ATM and/or POS connected determines the volume of banking transactions, customer satisfaction and ultimately, revenue for banks. Furthermore, given the importance of financial services on a national level, these institutions are strictly regulated and incur significant penalties should their services become unavailable.

At Avanti, we have engineered our satellite technology to provide reliable and resilient solutions to the financial sector. With our vast network coverage in hard-to-reach areas, we enable financial inclusion for citizens domiciled in those areas. In addition, our resilience offerings guarantee continuous uptime for financial transactions. For local transactions where trades are done between a branch or ATMs to data centres international settlements with banking partners, our solutions provide the connectivity highway for fast, secure and reliable financial transactions.


Extensive global coverage

With our extensive satellite coverage and relationship with partner networks, we provide connectivity solutions all over the world no matter where you are especially in highly remote and hard to reach areas.

Flexible & customisable packages

Our solution teams work closely with your company to design tailor made solutions that align with the companies’ need and budget.

Rapid deployment & round the clock support

We have over 600 trained and certified field engineers who are available to support field deployments. In addition, our Network Operating Centre provides 24*7*365 monitoring of customer services to ensure uptime and reliability of our services.

High level encryption

Our solutions employ advanced encryption protocols which ensure that sensitive data transmitted over our network are safeguarded.

Why choose Avanti’s Financial Solutions

Achieve financial inclusion
Seamlessly provide banking services in rural areas in a cost effective and reliable way.

Improved resiliency
Our satellite solutions provide the network resiliency required to ensure uninterrupted banking transactions, especially during fibre cuts, national disasters and other unforeseen disruptions.

Secured operations
Provide adequate security against cyber-attacks and mitigate against financial losses with our highly secure and advanced encryption protocols.

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