Unmatched Connectivity for Mining Operations

Avanti’s Mining Solution advances remote mining operations with unparalleled satellite connectivity that ensures seamless operation, optimises performance, boosts safety, and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional network infrastructures.

Connect Beyond Limits with Multi-Orbit Satellite Coverage

Unlock the potential of your mining operations with Avanti’s advanced, multi-orbit satellite technology. Experience true continuity and coverage that defies geographic and environmental challenges, ensuring your operations are always connected, always operational.

Tailored for the Mining Industry

High Throughput
Fibre-like throughput without dependency on terrestrial networks

Customisable Packages
Specially designed to support IoT, real-time monitoring, and data analytics, shaping up to meet unique site demands.

Rapid Deployment
Quick and adaptable set-ups that save time and reduce initial expenses.

24/7 Support
Our dedicated Network Operating Centre guarantees operational continuity and high throughput.

Realising Operational Efficiency

Leverage real-time data exchange and IoT capability with Avanti’s high-throughput network. Make immediate, informed decisions, enhance safety protocols, and monitor resources more effectively, boosting your operation’s efficiency and productivity.

Multi-Orbit Reach

Our advanced satellite coverage operates across multiple orbits, ensuring continuous connectivity for seamless mining operations, without the constraints of location.

IoT and AI Capability

Empowers digital transformation, enhancing safety procedures, and efficient resource tracking.

Operational Efficiency

Enables crucial real-time data exchanges, fostering swift decision-making and prompt response to challenges.

Reliable Monitoring

Our systems are monitored around the clock, ensuring consistent performance and dependability.

Explore Avanti’s Mining Solutions

Mine Always On

Our Mine Always On solution provides a constant and reliable primary connectivity network that is secure, stable and delivers high performance access to the internet for engineering a private network or enabling cloud based applications

Mine Site WiFi

A wireless network in mining terrain offers significant advantages ensuring that personnel and devices can seamlessly communicate. We design the network and provide routers, access points to connect to our satellite based connectivity solution.

Remote monitoring (IOT)

Working with our partners, we deliver IOT remote sensors alongside our satellite connectivity which can be configured to monitor various aspects of the mining operations for improved productivity.

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