Reliable and Secure Communications Enabling Broadband on the Move

In today’s highly digitised world, staying connected is of utmost priority whether on land, sea or in the air. Avanti’s high throughput Ka-band satellite technology allows customers to benefit from our highly reliable connectivity solutions irrespective of their location opening up a world of endless possibilities.


In Flight Connectivity
Passenger Wifi

Connected Aircraft
Cockpit/operational Services including telemetry traffic from aircraft and engine sensors

Command, Control and Video traffic


Passenger Wifi in Cars, Trains


Cruise Ships
Passenger Wifi and Cellular Backhaul
Crew Welfare and Inventory Management

Offshore Rigs

Fibre Like Broadband for Cruise Ships

The Challenge

One of the leading international cruise line operators required a robust maritime broadband connectivity solution to fulfill two primary requirements, connectivity for the cruise ship’s critical operations and internet connectivity for its passengers with the goal of improving operational management and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The VSAT service was deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 4 Ka-band high throughput satellite, which provides 100% coverage to  the cruise ship  within  the Caribbean . The solution provides non-metered bandwidth throughout the full itinerary of the cruise ship.

The solution delivers upload and download speeds of 400 Mbps, with the ability to burst to 2 Gbps per second on demand. The dedicated capacity, which is a CIR-based (committed information rate) service versus a ‘best effort’ solution is available at all times throughout the cruise itinerary.

This record-breaking achievement represents the greatest bandwidth delivered to a cruise ship  on a consistent basis within  the cruise industry.

The Results

Avanti’s Ka-band satellite is delivering the highest bandwidth capacity to a cruise ship on a consistent basis in cruise industry history. The bandwidth being delivered to the single ship surpasses the total capacity delivered across the cruise operator’s entire fleet just a decade ago.

The solution offers multi use cases on the cruise ship enabling entertainment and communications by passengers and cruise ship members:

Passenger WiFi and Entertainment

  • Passengers have access to the same level of internet, social media and entertainment applications while on the cruise. With browsing experiences comparable to wired terrestrial networks, the solution plays an integral role in the success of the vessel’s year-round service.
  • Passengers stay up to date and connected while at sea, vastly improving the passenger experience onboard the cruise ship, a clear advantage in the cruise line industry.

Improved Ship to Shore Communication

  • Crew members have the improved ability to communicate real time with their shoreside offices to enable better real-time tracking of the cruise ship as well as automated alerts for weather and sea conditions, etc. which all contribute to enhanced safety and security of the ship.

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