Ka Band Satellite Communications

With the benefits of greater capacity and throughput, Ka-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are the answer for the increasing demand of internet-based and data-driven applications. Avanti has been the European pioneer on the development of Ka-band HTS technology, and today we operate a fleet of 4 Ka-band satellites.

The Ka-band advantage

Ka-band technology opens up the market to a new range of frequencies that is more cost-effective than other bands providing higher quality, better performance and higher speed services.

Focused power

HTS Ka-band beams are much more focused, resulting in high powered spot beams lit over specific regions. Much higher throughput can be achieved using the same amount of bandwidth, driving down the cost of the spectrum and the cost per bit. Ka-band spot beams often have 10 times more capacity than traditional Ku-band satellites.

Frequency reuse

Avanti HTS systems employ spot beam architectures that support large-scale frequency reuse to deliver more capacity and higher data rates, which is particularly attractive for communications applications such as internet access, enterprise networks and backhaul.

Antenna size

The gain of a dish antenna is proportional to the frequency being used. At the high frequencies of Ka-band, you can use a smaller dish to get an equivalent power output up to the satellite. It also means the RF amplifier requirements are reduced.

Open system

Avanti’s open architecture is well adapted to serve customers with highly customised service needs and stringent requirements in terms of availability and guaranteed data rates, allowing them to choose their preferred and / or existing ground equipment.


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