Steerable Beam Capability

Our steerable beams, available on HYLAS 2, HYLAS 3 and HYLAS 4, provide immediate ka-band capacity wherever you may need it across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Our beams operate in civilian and government frequencies and can be moved with initial or full steering rights.

Avanti Steerable capability provides flexible and secure access to Ka-band capacity

Full steering rights

Gives you the ability to move the beam(s) at any time within the agreed term.

Initial pointing rights

You can nominate a single location where the beam(s) stay(s) fixed for the duration of an agreed term.

Guaranteed capacity & full control

  • Anywhere visible from the satellites within the Earth’s disk.
  • User control via secure API
  • 10 to 20 times more capacity than Ku satellites

Real-time tracking

  • MACH 1 speeds
  • 10 minute SLA for cross continental moves

Civil and Government frequencies

Operate in civilian & government frequencies.


Launched in August 2019, HYLAS 3 is a steerable cluster of 8 beams that can be steered to anywhere within the 31˚ E coverage zone, providing flexible and high throughput connectivity across EMA and part of Asia. It also has a unique independently steerable gateway beam allowing for flexible gateway locations.


Launched in April 2018, HYLAS 4 has four independent ka-band steerable beams able to be steered anywhere visible on the Earth’s disk from 33.5˚W, providing real-time tracking and full steering control.


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