Enterprise Always-On

The failure of a backhaul circuit can take a base station off-line resulting in lost network revenue and customer dissatisfaction. A cost effective redundant backhaul solution is required to mitigate this risk

Our cost-effective solution backup solution seamlessly integrates into complex mobile networks ensuring that the base station continues to deliver network coverage at times when the primary terrestrial link fails. Due to the in-built automatic switching capability, customers will experience a continuous, undisrupted service from the mobile network operator.


Diverse Routing

100% diverse routing from an office location or customer data center.

High Through Put

The links enable fibre-like throughput without dependency on terrestrial networks.

Automatic Fail over

Automatic switching to satellite link supporting critical enterprise and communication applications.

Dynamic Bandwidth pooling & On Demand Upgrades

Bandwidth can be increased on demand and allocated dynamically between office locations.