Reliable connectivity for the Oil & Gas sector

Avanti’s satellite communication services help maximise operational efficiency for the oil & gas sector, from exploration and site communications to remote monitoring, personnel safety and crew welfare.

Oil and gas fields are often located in remote locations where traditional communication methods such as terrestrial networks are often unavailable or unreliable. Satellite communication technology has been a game-changer for this industry, providing connectivity to remote locations and enabling real-time data transfer.

Whether you need real-time monitoring of drilling operations or secure voice and data communications between offshore sites and onshore offices, we have the expertise and technology to keep you connected.


Reliability and ultra-resilience -99.95% SLA

Avanti’s satellite technology is highly reliable, providing a consistent connection even in remote locations. Our multiple data centres and Gateway Earth Stations deliver “carrier grade” redundancy and resilience.

Secure performance

Whether it be remote exploration, drilling, pipeline management, refinery monitoring or environmental safety, we securely connect the remote sites to the network and head office. Thanks to our highly reliable connectivity, you can securely monitor and process operations in real-time.


Our technology can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of the oil and gas industry.

Optimised cost of operations

Implementing satellite communication technology saves money by reducing downtime and improving efficiency. Extending communications is a crucial part of operations for Oil and Gas companies, and with the advent of IoT, big data enablement is set to provide companies with real time analytics for exceptional operational efficiency.

Dynamic bandwidth pool management

At all times, our network is automatically adjusted to meet the changing demands on a needs driven basis. Various control mechanisms in the network prioritise applications to ensure each site and application meets its minimum bandwidth requirements.

Crew welfare

Satellite communication provides remote crews with fast internet communication –allowing them to stay in contact with friends and family, connect to social media platforms and watch bandwidth-heavy streaming applications. Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity provides high data rates, without compromise on quality, which is a big advantage from legacy Ku-band systems.

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