Launched in April 2018, HYLAS 4 doubles our capacity over EMEA. Using the latest Ka-band technology, it has 64 fixed beams serving Africa and Europe, as well as four independent steerable beams able to be steered anywhere visible on the Earth’s disk from 33.5˚W.

Satellite Specifications

Orbital Location33.5°W
Fixed Capacity24.64 GHz
Steerable Capacity3.68 GHz
Fixed Beams64
Steerable Beams4

Fixed User Beams

Beam Performance
EIRP (at edge of coverage)>59.0 dBW
G/T (at edge of coverage>13.0 dB/K

Steerable Beams

Beam Performance
EIRP (at edge of coverage)>54.0 dBW
G/T ( at edge of coverage)>7.0 dB/K
Steerable Beam Functionality
Mode of OperationGateway to User or Loopback configuration
Steering FunctionSteering to track objection in motion to Mach 1
Steering CommandingSecure Customer Ticket or Secure API

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