Our Values

Introducing our new values

Our company values are the lifeblood of our business. We have recently updated our values to reflect’s Avanti’s mission and culture.

Listen to Debbie Mavis, Group HR Director, introducing our new values and how they help empower our employees and build a sense of purpose.

Space for Everyone

A vast expanse in which we can connect

Reflects our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, creating an environment where all individual contributions are acknowledged and celebrated at the same time as supporting our wider business mission to connect the unconnected. This value works on two levels, and serves as a reminder that innovation knows no boundaries and that varied perspectives enrich our endeavours.

Customer Orbiting

Our single-minded mission

This is more than a value—it is a guiding principle. We revolve around our customers, aligning our efforts with their needs, aspirations, and challenges. This principle drives us to deliver solutions that truly address their needs, ensuring satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Courage to Explore

A relentless curiosity for the world around us

Encapsulates our adventurous spirit and unyielding determination to explore uncharted territories. By embracing calculated risks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we continually seek out new horizons, driving innovation and redefining the future of connectivity be that to the benefit of our customer or new ways in which improve the world around us.