Avanti accredits Get SAT’s latest SATCOM on-the-move terminal across its network

Avanti Communications has recently accredited Get SAT’s latest and smallest Satcom on-the-move terminal, the Nano SAT H, authorising it for use across the Avanti network.

Get SAT’s Nano SAT H is the smallest and lightest Ka-band SatCom terminal on the market setting the standard for the transmission of real-time video, audio and data. By delivering a terminal weighing 3.5kgs but capable of supporting 10s of Mbps, Get sat and Avanti are delivering a level of capability and flexibility that will transform the warfighters’ experience in the physical and digital battlespace.

Optimized for man-portable and on-the-move applications, the Nano SAT H, supported by Avanti high-throughput satellite connectivity, will enable high bandwidth communications between dispersed mounted, or dismounted, ground forces and their headquarters.

Using Avanti’s fleet of satellites, the Nano SAT H can achieve throughputs of 25-40Mbps to the deployed terminal and 5-10Mbps in return. This level of capacity and capability will ensure no end user is disadvantaged by lack of connectivity. It will also enable real-time situational awareness across the tactical, operational and strategic echelons and provide the means to deliver effective C4iSR across dispersed manoeuvre forces.

The size and capability of the terminals also make them ideally suited to wider Government agencies and First Responders. Their low size, fully integrated system and ability to generate high throughputs means they can quickly support missions where terrestrial connectivity is compromised or disrupted.

Get SAT’s Nano SAT-H is an ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight, low-profile terminal optimized for ‘on-the-move’ applications. On Avanti’s satellite network the Nano SAT-H becomes a truly game-changing capability.

Avanti is partnered with GRC Ltd to offer Get SAT terminals as an all-up capability.

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