Avanti Announce White Paper on Key Differences in Ka-Band Satellites

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Today Avanti Communications, the satellite operator, announced the release of a white paper providing insights into the crucial differences between competing Ka-band satellite systems.

Manufacturing advances made it possible for the satellite industry to begin to move to the higher Ka-band frequencies, which facilitate higher speed data services at lower cost than Ku-band, just as the move from GSM to 3G did in the mobile industry.

However, with several years of emerging technology and business models behind us, it became clear that not all Ka-band satellites are the same. The approach taken by different Ka-band satellite operators is reflected in the types and quality of service they can offer.

“Ka-band systems have opened a new era in satellite communications. For the first time, satellites can be used to deliver economical high speed, bi-directional services to end-users.

However, the wise buyer must carefully scrutinise design because not all Ka-band satellites are the same. In fact, the differences in service quality and key characteristics are vastly greater than was the case with Ku-band systems, which are simpler to design.

Some Ka-band operators may choose to make significant design compromises to enhance their own efficiency, which results in serious degradation in the quality of service and flexibility that can be provided to the customer. Avanti’s design began with the simple question – what does the modern telecoms Service Provider need?”

David Bestwick, Avanti CTO and co-founder said

This white paper is a must read for any Service Provider wishing to better understand the benefits of Ka-band and the subtle but significant differences that have to be considered when choosing the right satellite operator.

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