Avanti Communications releases white paper on Satellite Cellular Backhaul

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Avanti releases its Satellite Cellular Backhaul white paper which addresses the future of 3G, 4G and being 5G ready 

Avanti Communications Group plc, a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), releases its new white paper on Satellite Cellular Backhaul: Futureproofing the Customer Experience. The white paper describes the opportunities that High Throughput Satellite (“HTS”) backhaul can present to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in managing license obligation coverage, churn reduction and rural ARPU growth.

The enormous growth in data demand means that capacity increases are now viable in many more locations that are not served by fibre backhaul. But Mobile Network Operators’ strict requirements for Quality of Service have not always been well served by satellite technology, and the special requirements of the 3G and 4G protocols raise the bar further.

Avanti’s World leading expertise in deploying full scale national backhaul networks in 3G and 4G for customers like EE show that with the correct design, a focus on quality and the ability to integrate deep into the network, satellite has a major role to play in future mobile growth, including 5G. The high spectral efficiency of well designed satellites also drives the cost per Mb down to a viable level even for urban overflow traffic.

Mobile Network Operators in all of our territories are now investing heavily in 4G, and this brings many new technical and commercial challenges. Backhaul is a key component to get right and Avanti’s technology not only provides ultra-fast speeds and resilience but the network integration and end to end managed service to optimise the ease of deployment.”

Enrico Leonardi, Chief Sales Officer of Avanti

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