Space Safety Coalition adds Avanti to list of members

SSC header image of Earth view from Space

London, UK, 14 October 2019

Avanti joined the Space Safety Coalition (SSC), an ad-hoc coalition of companies, organisations and other government and industry stakeholders seeking to improve space safety.

The SSC actively promotes responsible safety in space through the adoption of relevant international standards, guidelines and practices, and the development of more effective guidelines and best practices.

Safety in space includes physical safety, communications safety and space weather awareness:

  • Physical safety includes avoiding launch and on-orbit collisions, minimisation of human casualty or infrastructure damage from spacecraft or debris re-entry, and the long term sustainability of the space operations environment
  • Communications safety includes minimising the incidence and severity of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) events.
  • Space weather awareness helps to prepare for and assist in the identification of potential causes of on-orbit spacecraft anomalies, such as those which may be initiated by electrostatic discharge events.

Avanti maintains leadership in responsible spacecraft operations by going above and beyond the existing international guidelines and standards for mitigating orbital debris. By voluntary adopting the Best Practices for the Sustainability of Space Operations promoted by the SSC, Avanti not only contributes to the safety of all space assets (both Avanti and none Avanti owned), but also provides the highest-level guarantees to customers of its commercial spacecraft operations services.


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