Satellite 2020 – Key future trends in the industry

Earth in Space

London, UK, 10 March 2020

Prior to Satellite 2020, Avanti CEO Kyle Whitehill sat down with Mark Holmes from ViaSatellite publication to discuss key talking points along with executives from other major satellite operators.

The questions focused on current assessments of the satellite industry, opinions on new developments in technology, with a large focus on how GEO operators are viewing and assessing the new entrants of Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Satellites.

Kyle speaks on key topics such as the role of satellite into the 5G ecosystem, the LEO bubble and the future for GEO operators. He shares insight into the evolution of Avanti’s business strategy going forward, the partnerships he is looking to cultivate and grow and the verticals he sees as important for Avanti to focus on.

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