Ready to connect 100M people across Africa with the highest quality service available on the market.

Delivering high-performance cost effective 2G, 3G and 4G solutions throughout challenging locations

Avanti EXTEND is specifically designed for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with requirements in rural and remote areas, in particular Africa. It enables the provision of cellular services to areas that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively challenging to reach using traditional terrestrial infrastructure. Avanti EXTEND provides satellite backhaul for primary connectivity in addition to infill capacity during peak times. Integrating seamlessly to MNO’s terrestrial networks thus reducing network complexity and increasing efficiency.

Why should MNOs use Avanti EXTEND?

Expand networks

Deliver rapid network expansion into rural and remote locations beyond your terrestrial reach. Providing high-speed and reliable 2G/3G & 4G connectivity.

Complement network when down

100% diverse routing from base stations and automatic switching for voice and data traffic over our network.

Reliable and secure

Consistent radio frequency availability of 99.5% SLA – Avanti IP Core Service 99% on Satellite RF, ensuring ultra-reliable service for mission critical applications.

Cost-effective and quick to deploy

Seamlessly integrates into your existing network management systems.

Smaller, cheaper and easier to move around equipment.

The ability of a satellite operator to rapidly upscale to meet the long-term demands from multiple large-scale projects is vital. Avanti’s high-throughput Ka-band ensures future requirements for bandwidth are met. Proven ability to roll out thousands of sites using our HYLAS satellite fleet across Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe provides an incredibly scalable future-proof network design for large deployments – at no additional CAPEX to customers. Avanti’s network and high availability will allow the deployment of 10,000 rural sites in Nigeria.

Find out more by downloading our dedicated EXTEND brochure.

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