Rural connectivity deployment across Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has vast areas that are often very prohibitively challenging to connect using traditional terrestrial infrastructure, leaving millions of people unconnected and left behind.

Using the ubiquity of satellite communications, Avanti launched a programme to bring broadband connectivity to thousands of rural sites across sub-Saharan Africa.

A unique satellite solution for rural connectivity

We have developed Avanti EXTEND ultra-rural solution, a satellite service that has been specifically designed for connecting ultra-rural villages for the first time. The off-grid service enables the provision of cellular services to areas that are otherwise impossible to reach using traditional terrestrial infrastructure.

Dedicated local teams on the ground

Not only do Avanti provide the satellite technology on the ground, but they also provide the skills and training to regionally based field teams to ensure the sites are easily maintained for long-term service delivery. These sites are very hard to reach. The average travel time to reach these remote sites is 2.5 days from state capitals. The success of this project relies on getting the support of local teams to install and maintain the sites.


Rural sites



Nigerian states


2G & 3G



1.5 Million


Day-to-day life improvements for 1.5 million people

  • Saves time and money as they no longer need to travel to neighbouring towns to get access to make calls or use the internet.
  • Brings a sense of security: reliable mobile coverage means they can be connected to family.
  • Boosts the local economy with the creation of small businesses such as resellers of sim cards, phone charging & repairs. Many of these businesses are headed up by women.

Creation of skilled jobs

Beyond the direct contributions it makes to rural communities, the programme has a wider impact. It has enabled the creation of over 200 new skilled jobs of field engineers and has led to further investment in satellite gateways and service delivery in the country, which has also been recognised by the Nigerian telecoms industry through its annual awards.

Avanti is committed to continuing to connect rural sites across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Following the success of the first 500 sites, we working with local partners to connect 10,000 rural sites in the next 5 years. We are proud to be able to support empowering people, protect local communities and unlock opportunities to help grow economies in Africa.

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