Business Day Spotlight speaks to Kyle Whitehill

PODCAST | After 25 years of satellite in Africa, what’s next?

Business Day Spotlight speaks to Kyle Whitehill, CEO of Avanti Communications, during his recent visit to South Africa.

Join Kyle and host Mudiwa Gavaza to explore:

  • 25 years of satellite growth
  • Resilience strategies for African connectivity
  • Avanti’s $800m investment in Africa
  • Partnerships shaping the future

Kyle talks about key industry players and visionaries like Elon Musk, whose creative use of advanced technology has significantly accelerated the development of satellite industry.

Tune in for more insights on Avanti’s role in plugging connectivity gaps and the importance of having both GEO and LEO satellites in offering connectivity and resilience, providing people with confidence that they will never be disconnected from the world.🌍✨

Listen now:


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