Liberating potential across Africa

School teacher reveiwing school childs work

Avanti is liberating potential across Africa by working together with the South African panel talk show ‘Hashtags.’ empowering and supporting young entrepreneurs and talented South Africans to reach their goals.

Hashtags is featuring young entrepreneurs, artists and remarkable people from different areas in South Africa, demonstrating that hidden talent can be found everywhere.

Together Avanti and Hashtag are changing lives and unleashing the potential of young people.

Top Student Zama Vukeya

Zama Vukeya, a student from Ivory Park, has excellent marks in school and is impressing her teachers with her talent and outstanding commitment. She is dreaming of studying medicine and becoming a doctor, but financial resources at home are restricting her ambition. Unfortunately, Zama is not the only student experiencing circumstances where the financial situation is limiting their career wishes.

Despite straight As, Zama was unsuccessful in obtaining a bursary to further her studies. For Zama, education is a way to escape the current circumstances living together with a big family in a small room and experiencing financial challenging times. We, at Avanti, have been very inspired by Zama’s dedication to her studies. Avanti is now funding Zama’s studies to help her set the foundations of her career.

Zama’s story is one of the many individuals across Africa with huge potential waiting to be unleashed.

Avanti is driven to use its technology to liberate potential and transform lives to ensure more children can make their career dream a reality.

Through two of our main education projects, we are educating more than 300,000 children across rural Africa, improving their outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills, setting them with essential cornerstones of their academic life.

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