Internet connectivity for Kenyan entrepreneurs

Nairobi aerial view of city business district

The Challenge

The Kenyan government has identified the need to stimulate the economy to reduce the current youth unemployment rate of 35% and to positively influence economic growth.

However, young adults and entrepreneurs who are eager to start their own businesses are often left without the key resources to do so.

This is a result of many people living in rural areas of Kenya where accessibility to networks or affordability of connectivity is out of reach, making internet access difficult for most.

The Solution

The Kenyan Ministry of ICT awarded the programme for the Constituency Innovation Hubs (CIH) to Telkom Kenya to provide hub facilities for young adults and entrepreneurs to develop their ICT skills and applications, bringing them into the digital world.

Telkom Kenya, in partnership with Avanti Communications, will use capacity from Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite to deploy services to 290 constituencies across Kenya. Each constituency will have 4 CIH sites, making a total of 1160 sites being connected as part of the project.

The Benefits

With 1160 sites being connected across Kenya, the connectivity will help to solve the digital divide and increase employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs will have access to the tools required to build a sustainable business and market their business accordingly.

Additionally, communities will have access to online job platforms and marketing tools to increase their opportunities and develop their businesses. Each hub will have a VSAT system, Wi-Fi router and 40 tablet devices, which users will be able to use to connect online and discover new business opportunities.


“Bringing connectivity to rural communities and young adults who do not have access to this service will make great improvements not only in the business world, but for our economy. Providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to develop their skills and create their own businesses is a key requirement needed across Kenya. We are greatly appreciative of Avanti and Telkom Kenya deploying this initiative across the country and hope to continue improving opportunities for all.”

Honourable Joe Mucheru, Minister of ICT of Kenya


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