Reliable and secure connectivity offshore

Supporting day-to-day business operations for the maritime and offshore markets, Avanti ensures the secure exchange of large sets of exploration data for analytics, route planning as well as the safety and wellbeing of crew staff by providing connectivity at sea. Secure and reliable voice and data communication allows ship operators to manage their fleet ensuring real time communication between on shore and offshore offices where terrestrial infrastructure does not reach.

Secure and resilient Ka-band satellite connectivity

Viasat Energy Services (formerly RigNet) is a global leader in on and offshore connectivity solutions for the energy sector, delivering service to over 1200 locations worldwide. As Viasat Energy Services’ customers expanded their operations to include multiple product lines such as industrial scale data analytics, crew welfare and critical control systems, there was an ever-increasing demand for data and network capacity.

In advance of Viasat’s next generation satellites entering service, which are designed to provide expanded Ka-band coverage, the company sought a strategic, regional solution for its customers that would provide high throughput, high availability and carrier grade control in some of the most demanding and hard to reach environments in the world – from the North Sea to the West African Coast.

Avanti’s high quality, secure and resilient Ka-band satellite connectivity was evaluated and selected as the preferred solution to meet Viasat Energy Services’ stringent requirements and bridge the gap prior to the ViaSat-3 constellation entering service.

How it works


  • High data rates (250+Mbps per terminal)
  • Secure performance
  • Small form factor antennas (1 – 1.2M)
  • Comprehensive coverage of EEZ waters
  • Comprehensive QoS that supports critical applications
  • Seamless network integration

The results

Optimised costs of operation

Avanti’s high throughput Ka-Band network provides both higher data rates and greater network capacity than legacy Ku or C-Band systems, all at a more competitive price, with smaller form factor hardware for installation and maintenance.

Ultra-resilience – >99.7%pa SLA

Avanti’s multiple interconnected data centres and Gateway Earth Stations in diverse locations across the globe deliver “carrier grade” redundancy and high resiliency guaranteeing superior availability levels and an always connected service.

Crew welfare

Providing crew members with a way to connect with their friends and family, access social media platforms and stream bandwidth-heavy entertainment applications is critical to ensuring staff welfare while offshore without disruptions to the critical business operations.

Secure performance

Secure enterprise WAN integration capability – encryption, dynamic private routing and VLAN transport

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