Eurona Launches New Service in Spain and Portugal after Agreeing Long Term Contract with Avanti Communications

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5.5 million people across Spain and Portugal, who currently do not have access to broadband services of 10Mbps+, will benefit from Avanti’s satellite connectivity covering 100% of the two countries

Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and leading international Service Provider, Eurona Telecom (“Eurona”), announced the full launch of service across Spain and Portugal after signing a 10-year contract1 with capacity from Avanti’s HYLAS 1 Ka-band satellite to provide connectivity across Spain and Portugal. The contract will enable Eurona to grow its business and support Spain’s broadband coverage goals set by the European Union in the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE), as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

The service delivers packages with speeds of 30Mbps using the new Jupiter 2 platform, which can support throughputs of up to 100Mbps. With extensive capacity of Spain and Portugal acquired by Eurona, and exclusivity of consumers in these regions, the leading Service Provider will be able to provide a more preferential service to new and existing customers. This includes providing more than 15,000 consumers across Spain and Portugal with a higher quality and more flexible service from 2017.

Consumers and businesses of all sizes across 100% of mainland Spain2 and Portugal will have access to a range of superfast satellite broadband packages based on Avanti services from its HYLAS 1 Ka-band satellite. With 3% of the Spanish population (~1.4m people) having no access to 2Mbps+ services and 12% (~5.5m people) having no access to 10Mbps+ services3, there is significant demand for Eurona’s fast, ubiquitous satellite broadband services.

Thanks to Avanti’s flexibility, combined with the power of the new Jupiter 2 platform, Eurona will have the capabilities to adapt and create the products and services to meet a range of needs according to market demands. It has been incremental to Eurona choosing Avanti’s services at a key time like this in Eurona’s growth, ensuring the service can be adapted to any kind of customer across the Broadband, Enterprise, Government or Carrier Services sectors.

Avanti and Eurona are now planning to extend their partnership and expand their geographic footprint into new territories, such as Central Europe and North Africa, with a similar offer to enable the population of these regions to have the same kind of service offered in some of Europe’s fundamental countries.

“Our business strategy is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and consistent growth. A successful combination of Eurona’s ambition and market knowledge, and innovative technology from established partners, such as Avanti, will help us to achieve this. We are excited to work with Avanti to connect customers more effectively across the region using its outstanding and highly flexible quality of service. To date we currently have 1000 sites connected via this platform which is a great achievement for Eurona and Avanti through this partnership.”

Jaume Sanpera, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eurona

“We are very encouraged by the growth in this business, which is consistent with our strategy of securing high value, long term contracts with leading EMEA Service Providers, and look forward to a strong and successful long term relationship. Eurona is a high quality partner and has now bought 100% of our capacity in Spain and Portugal. We look forward to generating growth together in new countries as well as bringing more capacity to Iberia with HYLAS 4.”

David Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Avanti

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