The Challenge

Fresh cut flowers are highly perishable, meaning time is of the essence when getting orders from A to B, and consistent communication is critical to support this.

One of the world’s top flower breeders, Dümmen Orange Group, has company locations worldwide for the delivery and distribution of its plants. One of the company’s rose farms is situated in Naivasha, Kenya; an area considered a dead zone for communications. There is no access to GSM signal or 3G connectivity, and the internet is slow and unreliable. On several occasions the connection has cut, leaving the business without the ability to communicate online for several days, and resulting in a loss of product, sales and revenue.

Rose breeder, Peter Van Der Meer, required the farms to be online at all times, to increase the efficiency of its operations and subsequently driving sales and revenue growth.

The Solution

Wananchi Group, East Africa’s leading entertainment and connectivity solutions provider, partnered with Avanti Communications to deliver broadband to businesses across East Africa. Wananchi chose Avanti for its expertise in delivering reliable, high speed satellite broadband, ensuring businesses, no matter their location, stay online.

The Results

The service was deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite, which provides 100% coverage of Kenya. It enabled Dümmen Orange’s production sites and rose farms to be connected across all locations, which meant that the business could communicate with stakeholders to avoid costly delays.

  • Rose farm employees can now send emails to staff and customers, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction
  • The farm is now communicating via Skype, reducing expensive international phone calls
  • New orders can be checked online, and tracked in real-time


Located at high altitude, we are in a dead zone for 3G connectivity. Doing business without connectivity is impossible. In the past, we have had situations where we’ve been days without broadband. It’s just not acceptable. Now we have satellite broadband, everything is easy. Satellite broadband is as crucial as my greenhouse, my office, or my car. You cannot do business if you cannot communicate.

– Peter Van Der Meer, Rose Breeder at Dümmen Orange Group

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