Connecting the big screen

Cinemas located in areas with little or no access to reliable internet connectivity rely on couriers to distribute physical copies of movie files. This often carries the risk of content not being delivered on time or getting lost.

The Challenge

A leading international film services company provides global end-to-end solutions of theatrical film delivery at all stages. From electronic distribution to technical consultancy, the company is a specialist in the field and used by high profile clients. The film services company required a cost-effective, secure and efficient way to deliver content to multiple clients across the UK, no matter the location.

The Solution

The company partnered with Avanti Communications to use Multicast over satellite to securely distribute content to 331 cinemas across the UK, providing a highly reliable and effective solution.

The Results

  • Avanti and the leading film services company signed an innovative multiyear cinema distribution contract to deliver Multicast capabilities to its vast cinema chain customer base such as Cineworld cinemas.
  • Avanti’s built-in flexibility allows Multicast to be utilised during off-peak hours, ensuring efficient utilisation of the bandwidth available.
  • Subsequent Avanti education projects have been awarded on the basis of these proven Multicast technologies.


Avanti’s network is allowing us to reach our cinema partners with a truly innovative distribution method. Its leading Ka-band satellite technology has integrated seamlessly with our service. Such revolutionary technology and multicast solutions guarantee security and quality. This is a huge step forward for digital cinema.

 – CEO and Chairman of the leading international film services company.

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