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Many organisations across Turkey have limited or no broadband connectivity, especially in rural areas.

The Challenge

One particular government agency, which has multiple locations in high altitudes and beyond the city limits, struggled to access any service at all. This meant employees had to travel away from the station to connect to GSM coverage. Those that did have access to the internet often experienced costly outages which interrupted day-to-day operations.

The Solution

Avanti Communications is the only international Ka-band satellite operator which is licensed to operate in Turkey with its own in-country Gateway Earth Station (GES). ICT Telekomunikasyon partnered with Avanti to provide Turkey’s SMEs, enterprises and government customers with affordable, reliable and secure connectivity.

Additionally, Avanti’s 24/7 technical support, flexible packages and fast deployment enables ICT Telekomunikasyon to deliver a unique service offering in the Turkish market.

The Results

Avanti’s fully licensed network has enabled ICT Telekomunikasyon to embark on new projects,encouraging growth and providing Ka-band services across the country. The service, deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite provides 100% coverage of Turkey, enabling remote offices, like the government agency, to access “always-on” high speed broadband connectivity.

The government agency now has secure data connectivity, enabling communications between sites and remote monitoring.


We chose Avanti because of their Gateway in Konya, customer service, technical support, flexible packages and higher performance compared to its competitors in the region, which make Avanti unique within the Turkish market. They are also very supportive and solution based, helping us on many projects, from planning, installation and after sale support.

Cem Odaman, General Manager ICT Telekomunikasyon

Avanti and ICT Telekomunikasyon have connected our remote sites which previously had no broadband access. The always-on connectivity enables smooth, secure business processes and remote monitoring.

Technical Manager, Government Organisation

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